Herbal Tea – Cleavers (organic)


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Organic Cleavers Tea – Sold as a dried form ready for use as a Tea.  See below for it benefits.

Botanical Name: Galium aparine

Organic Status: Certified Organic

Plant Part: Aerials

Cleavers for Lymphatic Health

Also known as Clivers, Goosegrass, Stickyweed and (get this) Sticky-willy, Cleavers is an herb that has been used for centuries and considered one of the best tonics to help drain out the lymphatic system.  Cleavers has what we call ‘lymphagogue action’ – put simply, it stimulates the activity of your lymphatic system and organs so they can do their job properly.

Cleavers also has alterative properties, which means it helps to cleanse and nourish the blood.  The tea infusion is used to treat liver, bladder and urinary problems. A perfect combination! Stimulating activity to throw all the nasties out into the bloodstream, and then cleansing the blood thereafter. Double whammy!!

Cleavers exhibits anti-spasmodic properties on the urinary and digestive tracts, making it an effective treatment for irritable bowel syndrome and interstitial cystitis.  As a tea fusion it has also shown of benefit in the treatment of glandular fever, tonsilitis, hepatitis and cystitis.

65gms certified organic

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