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GOURMET Soap Kitchen is a small manufacturing business in Wagga Wagga. Founder Angela Forman, is passionate about health, having had children with eczema and having the frustration of recommended Angela-outside-shopproducts not working, she researched and found that the ingredients in these products were harmful to children and possibly further aggravating the condition.

By the time I started Gourmet Soap Kitchen I had had many years of research and skin health experience, and the added benefit of children with healthy scar-free skin. Now I have the satisfaction of being able to help others with skin irritations who have been suffering for many years and, like ourselves, finding many recommended products fail to assist with their skin condition.

Our aim is to produce the highest quality soaps. Whereas many manufactures chose to use cheaper oils, such as palm oil, with no real skin benefits and a significant impact on the environment. The Gourmet Soap Kitchen sources the best possible oils and waxes, many of these are sourced locally, directly from farmers. This allows us to know exactly where the oils come from so that we know they are grown free of chemicals.

With a strong emphasis on health, we design and manufacture nearly all our products on site and develop our own unique recipes formulated to target specific needs.

Today’s soaps are often derived from petroleum by-products, sulphates and surfactants. They even contain propylene glycol which is used as a base ingredient in aircraft de-icing fluid and automobile antifreeze.

Knowing what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies. Like Trans Dermal medications that enter the blood stream via the skin, Scientists have proven these chemicals have serious internal health implications.

Listed in this website is our popular range, however we have many more products available that can be posted on request. Call us to find out more.

We custom make soaps, candles and sell a wonderful range of local gourmet olive oils as well as many other products. For enquiries please contact us.


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